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Gibson Derek Trucks Bases back in stock!

Back in stock! 6 Nickel-6 Chrome-4 Gold
Back in stock! 6 Nickel-6 Chrome-4 Gold

Pre-CBS Parts

Pre-CBS style parts...its all about the details
Pre-CBS style parts...its all about the details Our customers around the world appreciate our selection and quality and accuracy of our Pre-CBS Vintage Reproduction parts. We offer a nice and wide selection of Hardware and Plastics from 1954'-1960's incl. some CBS parts. The quality and details are hard to beat! The most authentic parts in apperance, look and materials...Correct tooling markings for Hardware incl. correct alloys and plating...Blacklight reacting Nylon parts, Real Celluloid Guards and many many more! We offer our parts new and aged for sure!

50's & 60's Vintage style Tremolos

1954' & 1960's Vintage style Tremolos...
1954' & 1960's Vintage style Tremolos... Vintage correct...not many Vintage freaks knows the difference in details...for example: Early 50's trems had a rough-cut topplate and different shaped tremoloblocks with different countersunk ballend holes...we are proud to offer both types and as we know we are the only ones! The Pre-CBS trems are the most authentic and closest to the real deal you can find anywhere....all correct alloys, tooling markings, correct tension tremolo springs, claw and last but not least the best saddles on earth! Trems offered new and aged.

50's & 60's Vintage Style Blocks

50's & 60's colled rolled steel tremolo blocks
50's & 60's colled rolled steel tremolo blocks Made of colled rolled steel with vintage year correct shape and like the original blocks with different depth countersunk shallow ballends. They looks great new and amazing aged...perfect replacement block for Replicas or Vintage Strats...

50's/60's & 70's style Neckplates

Pre-CBS Vintage style Neckplates...
Pre-CBS Vintage style Neckplates... Fantastic details in all ways...size, thickness, surface, font type/size...down to the typical details of the original neckplates...for example the running chrome at stamped number and the rough cut markings around the neckplate! Perfect Vintage Chrome finish and satin Chrome on back like the old ones! We stock several 50/60's correct Serial no's...

The most authentic Pre-CBS style Parts

There are many trems ava. but only one correct!
There are many trems ava. but only one correct! Our 50's and 60's Vintage style trems comes with all accessories you need...Vintage correct arm, Vintage correct tension springs, Vintage style claw with 2'' partial thread mounting screws, 6 Tremolo mounting screws, the topplate has the correct tooling markings like the rought cut area for the arm, the typical line on back side and the vintage correct angle at the tremolo mounting screw area...

Blackguard Parts and more...

Last but not least....Blackguard parts
Last but not least....Blackguard parts New and aged...real Bakelite guard punched from raw plates with the typical rough cut markings (not CNC machined), correct thickness, early style with rounded bevel and later style, Fender 50's style Bridgeplates with Serial numbers. Vintage correct Controlplates...btw. the ageing of the Blackguards is worldclass and hard to beat!

Real Celluloid Guards

Real Celluloid (Nitrate) Guards
Real Celluloid (Nitrate) Guards ...sorry our stock getting lower and lower so hurry if you want one...we sold more then 300 we running out of stock with these nice real Nitrate guards...color is closest as we know available wroldwide...Vintage wide bevel! we get emails from all over the world from enthusiastic customers which says the best new and for sure aged Celluloid guards available. They looks perfect with out Pre-CBS style real Nylon parts...there is nothing that can beat this!

Real Vintage correct Nylon Parts

Real Nylon like the old ones! Blacklight reacting!
Real Nylon like the old ones! Blacklight reacting! We offer Vintage style Pre-CBS Nylon Parts, Pickupcovers, Knobs and Tips in different colors...these are the best and most authentic Aftermarket parts in our opinion! We offer a nice range of different colors for every taste and for the perfect look of your Strat
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